Plaintiff Representation In Business-Related Matters

Your job is your livelihood, but it can be difficult to get employment satisfaction if you are faced with discrimination, harassment, or other forms of unlawful acts in the workplace. Employees in Nevada are protected from misconduct under various laws at the state and federal level, but many do not understand their rights or know how to enforce them. If you have suffered any type of wrongdoing at work, it is essential to retain a skilled lawyer who can assist you in addressing injustice.

Our Las Vegas employment law attorneys at H1 Law Group have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience fighting for the rights of employees. We have represented many clients throughout Southern Nevada in employment-related claims, while still delivering personalized legal services to each one. Please contact our firm to schedule a consultation regarding your employment law issue, and read on for some important information on how these cases work.

Comprehensive Employment Law Services

Our employment law attorneys are well-versed in the relevant statutes that protect Nevada employees, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act. We aggressively pursue employers who violate these laws, and we are prepared to represent you in a wide range of employment misconduct situations.

Discrimination Claims

It is unlawful for Las Vegas employers to treat employees differently or take adverse action against you because of your membership in a protected group. However, it can be difficult to identify discrimination and take action unless you have an experienced employment law attorney on your side.

Sexual Harassment

Certain types of misconduct in the workplace, including unwanted advances and suggestive comments, may amount to actionable sexual harassment. You do have rights when faced with requests for sexual favors or when another person’s acts create a hostile work environment.

Wrongful Termination

Though Nevada is an employment-at-will state, employers cannot fire you for an illegal reason. You cannot be terminated on the basis of;

  • sex
  • age
  • nationality
  • race
  • disability
  • or any other grounds that are prohibited by law.

Retaliation Claims

By law, you are allowed to exercise your legal rights without worrying about how your employer may respond. If you were participating in a protected activity, your employer cannot retaliate against you.

Whistleblower Rights Cases

Your employer cannot take adverse action or discriminate against you for taking part in protected actions, such as submitting a workers’ compensation claim, assisting with an official investigation, or filing a discrimination complaint.

Call Now to Speak to a Skilled Las Vegas Employment Lawyer

You do have legal remedies if you have experienced any form of misconduct in the workplace. It is possible to file an employment claim to recover compensation for your losses, including back pay and attorneys’ fees.

Our employment law attorneys at H1 Law Group can tell you more about your options and will assist you in navigating the complicated process of filing a claim. Visit our website to schedule an informative consultation today. Our Nevada employment law attorneys represent employees in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County, and we are here to help.

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