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Litigation refers to the practice of taking someone to court to charge them with a crime or to find a solution to a dispute. Business litigation can, therefore, be defined as the process of taking a business entity to court to resolve disputes involving a breach of contract — of oral, written, and/or statutory obligations — that arose from the sale of goods or services. An example of such a dispute is shareholder/partnership dissolution disagreements, which often turn into litigated matters. There are many other ways in which the dispute may arise, including poor quality of product delivered or failure to pay. Whatever the case may be, the best course of action to take when faced with business litigation is to seek the services of a business litigation attorney.

Is Litigation the Best Way to Go?

Clients should keep in mind that business litigation is full of complexities and is quite expensive. Unless the parties settle early, a litigation case can easily take one to two years, if not more. The preliminary discovery stage takes about six to twelve months, and it can be expensive to gather the amount of information required to make a case. This includes a written chronology of events, which creates the framework upon which the case will be built. Additionally, copies of the contracts, letters, photographs, amendments, emails, text messages, and other documentation may be needed by the courts. Clients should be fully aware that litigation can take a financial and emotional toll on the parties involved. While getting the information and having it reviewed by the attorney is expensive, ignorance of facts is more expensive — because the client misses an opportunity to resolve the issue early and save money. Even though one side may prevail, both sides incur costs.

Mesquite Business Litigation Attorney

An experienced Mesquite business litigation attorney is able to foresee problems and opportunities at the right time and provide the right counsel and guide, ensuring an early dispute resolution. A skillful attorney will always know the right course of action to take. With the assistance of a legal counsel, the binding contract terms will be examined and the validity of the contract determined. The Mesquite business litigation attorney then explains the probable cause of the litigation, thereby helping their client to plan early. This will also enable the business owner to decide whether to dispute a claim or resolve it by way of arbitration, mediation, or a negotiated settlement. An accomplished Mesquite business litigation attorney must have been trained to study both sides of the case and spot loopholes that work in favor of their client. The experienced Mesquite business litigation attorney will plan sufficiently and present the evidence in a way that makes the case lean in his favor.

It is wiser to have a trained business litigation attorney much earlier, when one is preparing a critical contract or review. This can help one avoid many disputes as well as enable a business owner to organize the critical documents related to the transaction.

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