Professional Representation In Business-Related Matters

Disputes can arise between business partners, family members, or individuals. For instance, individuals can be in a dispute with businesses; family members can be in a dispute with individuals, businesses can be in a dispute with other business; family of business partners can be in a dispute with a business. While many people are often able to resolve their disputes on their own, sometimes it can extend into legal issues that require the help of our litigation counsel attorneys. We help resolve disputes of any nature to ensure you achieve the most desirable outcome.

Sometimes disputes extend into legal issues that require the help of our litigation counsel attorneys.

The Las Vegas litigation attorneys at H1 Law Group have experience litigating several types of civil actions. These include:

  • Personal injury or tort,
  • Commercial/business litigation,
  • Corporate law,
  • Employment law,
  • Fraud litigation,
  • Copyright/trademark infringement,
  • Patent law,
  • Securities law,
  • Shareholder/partnership disputes,
  • Breach of contract disputes,
  • Restrictive covenants,
  • Unfair competition,
  • Trade secrets,
  • Civil rights violations,
  • And employer/employee disputes.

Las Vegas Business Litigation Attorneys

If you or your business is in a dispute with another business, H1 Law Group can help you litigate your claim. We have experience in all phases of litigation and will advocate for your interests in matters of importance to your business. This includes:

  • Defense of wrongful termination, discrimination, or employee misclassification claims,
  • Breach of contract or fiduciary duty,
  • Copyright or trademark infringement,
  • Disclosure of trade secrets,
  • Claims of business or bankruptcy fraud,
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes,
  • Insurance disputes,
  • And more.

Las Vegas Construction Litigation Attorneys

Construction and development often get tangled up in a number of legal interests. H1 Law Group can help developers settle these disputes efficiently in order to carry on with their goals. Types of cases we handle include:

  • Breach of contract or warranty,
  • Mechanic’s liens,
  • Construction liens,
  • Construction and design defects,
  • Financing disputes,
  • Delay and default termination claims,
  • Professional negligence claims,
  • Misrepresentation claims,
  • Cost overrun claims,
  • And more.

Las Vegas Contract Litigation Attorneys

H1 Law Group can help businesses resolve disputes when one party reneges on or breaches the terms of a binding contract. This includes:

  • Breach of guarantee,
  • Business fraud,
  • Collections,
  • Construction contracts,
  • Employment contracts,
  • Insurance policies,
  • Partnership disputes,
  • Real estate agreements,
  • And more.

Las Vegas Employment Litigation Attorneys

H1 Law Group will represent your interests in disputes with your workers, independent contractors, and subcontractors. This includes:

  • Employee discrimination disputes,
  • Employee misclassification disputes,
  • Wage/hour/overtime disputes,
  • FMLA claims,
  • Wrongful termination suits,
  • Whistleblower retaliation suits,
  • Breach of employment,
  • And more.

Las Vegas Partnership Litigation Attorneys

When disputes between partners arise it can grind the daily flow of your business to a halt. H1 Law Group can help resolve these disputes efficiently and set you back on the path to success. This includes:

  • Dividing assets, clients, and equipment,
  • Dividing responsibility for liability,
  • Redrafting partnership agreements,
  • And more.

Las Vegas Trade Secret Litigation Attorneys

The intellectual property and trade secrets of your business are among your most valuable assets. When a former employee, partner, or another associate lays claim to those secrets, you need a firm that will represent your interests.


H1 Law Group provides your company with the ability to protect your intellectual property. This includes:

  • Theft of trade secrets from partners or employees,
  • Non-compete clauses and non-disclosure agreements,
  • Temporary restraining orders and injunctions,
  • And more.

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