Professional Representation for Employment Matters

All employees deserve a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, and other types of misconduct. Employees are protected under a wide range of state and federal regulations, from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act. If you or your loved one is considering bringing an employment law claim, it is imperative that you seek professional legal assistance.

At H1 Law Group, our top-rated Las Vegas employment law attorneys are proud to offer strong, effective legal representation to employees throughout Southern Nevada. We understand that every employment law case is different, and we provide all clients with the personalized attention that their claim deserves. To arrange a fully confidential review of your employment law case, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm today.

Strong, Effective, Legal Representation for Southern Nevada Employees

Our law firm at H1 Law Group handles several different types of employment law:

Wrongful Termination

While Nevada employers have considerable discretion to make their own decisions regarding hiring and firing, they cannot terminate an employee for an illegal reason. If you believe that you were terminated for a retaliatory or discriminatory reason, you should speak to an experienced Las Vegas employment lawyer immediately. You may have a wrongful termination claim.

Discrimination Claims

At H1 Law Group, our Las Vegas employment attorneys handle the full range of workplace discrimination claims. We can help if you have faced discrimination on the basis of any protected characteristic, including:

  • race
  • color
  • national origin
  • genders
  • age
  • disability status

As you have limited time to take action, you should speak to our discrimination lawyers as soon as possible.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment remains a serious problem. Under state and federal labor regulations, sexual harassment is a form of gender-based discrimination. It can include everything from unwanted advances or requests for sexual favors to overt physical or verbal abuse.

Whistleblower Rights Cases

If you engaged in protected whistleblower activity, your employer cannot respond by taking adverse employment action against you. If you believe that your whistleblower rights were violated, our Las Vegas employment lawyers can help.

Retaliation Claims

Employees must be able to exercise their legal rights without the fear of facing retribution from their company. If you were engaged in any type of protected activity — such as reporting sexual harassment or filing a discrimination claim — your employer is legally prohibited from retaliating against you.

Contract Negotiation and Litigation

Our Las Vegas employment lawyers also handle contract law issues. We negotiate, draft, review, and litigate all types of employment agreements. If you need legal advice regarding an employment contract, please contact us today.

Contact Our Las Vegas Employment Lawyers Today

At H1 Law Group, our Nevada employment law attorneys have the skills and experience required to handle the full range of workplace issues. For a fully confidential employment law consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team today at (702) 608-3720. With an office in Henderson, we represent employees throughout Clark County, Nevada, including in Las Vegas, Mesquite, North Las Vegas, Paradise, Summerlin, Boulder City, Winchester, and Enterprise.

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