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Over the course of running any type of business or financial enterprise, there are numerous issues that can arise and complex statutes and regulations that must be adhered to. While your skill and expertise as a business owner are invaluable in long-term planning and day to day operations, it is important to have a knowledgeable Las Vegas business litigation attorney on your side. At H1 Law Group, we represent clients from businesses of all sizes and types, who benefit from our years of practical experience in the field. We act as strong legal advocates on your side, providing the guidance you need to ensure your business interests and assets are protected.

It is important to have an aggressive Las Vegas business litigation attorney on your side.

At H1 Law Group, our attorneys regularly represent clients who are involved in complex business disputes. We understand the need to develop creative solutions to business conflicts and to tailor our approaches to the specific needs of our clients. No two businesses are alike, and each business needs its own strategy to handle internal and external disputes.

Whether you need assistance closing your business, handling an employment contract dispute, or negotiating the terms of a contract with a supplier, one of the dedicated business litigation attorneys at our firm can help.

Handling a Wide Variety of Business Disputes in Las Vegas

stack | H1 Law GroupWhen you have a complex business dispute, there are important legal and business concerns to consider. At H1 Law Group, we provide representation to clients with a wide variety of business disputes in the Las Vegas area, including but not limited to the following:

  • Breach of contract claims involving customers, suppliers, employees, and other parties;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Misappropriation of business funds;
  • Commercial real estate contracts, including negotiating contracts and handling breach of contract claims;
  • Dissolution of a corporation;
  • Partnership disputes;
  • Splitting a partnership;
  • Valuing a business for divorce;
  • Breach of the non-compete agreement;
  • Employee discrimination claim;
  • Trademark infringement;
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • Confidentiality clause violations; and
  • Other business and commercial disputes.

Filing Your Claim in State or Federal Court

If you have a business dispute, you may be dealing with a legal issue that arises under federal law or Nevada state law. Under Nevada law (NRS 78 et. seq.), there is statutory language concerning the creation and dissolution of businesses, as well as language concerning many different types of business disputes.

Depending upon the specific facts of your situation and the nature of the business dispute, your dispute may fall under certain federal laws concerning business disputes and commercial litigation. For example, there are many federal laws that govern employment discrimination claims, as well as complex business litigation issues that arise under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). An advocate at our firm can assess your case and determine how best to move forward.

Contact a Las Vegas Business Litigation Lawyer

Facing a business dispute can be complicated, but an aggressive Las Vegas business litigation lawyer can help with your case. One of our attorneys can work to reach a settlement that is amenable to all of the parties involved, and if negotiations fail, we are prepared to take your case to court to fight for your rights. Contact H1 Law Group today to learn more about the ways we assist clients in Las Vegas with business litigation matters.

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