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Las Vegas Adversary Proceedings AttorneyBankruptcy cases are often wrought with anxiety. And now, you find your business dragged into an ancillary proceeding that adds a whole new layer of complication to your already uncertain outlook.

This can affect you whether you are prosecuting or defending against a bankruptcy-related suit. Any misstep on your end or a failure to adequately litigate your claims or defenses will have damaging results to your business and your interests.

Our trial lawyers have the experience and acumen you need. They’re regularly tapped in adversary proceedings to act as trusted business advisors and are highly effective advocates for you and your business.

They’re regularly tapped in adversary proceedings to act as trusted business advisors and are highly effective advocates for you and your business.

Las Vegas Adversary Proceedings AttorneyAn adversary proceeding is a civil lawsuit that takes place within the bankruptcy process. It is an action separate from, but related to, an underlying bankruptcy case and initiated to prevent the bankruptcy court from wiping out debts or to deny a debtor’s bankruptcy discharge, adversary proceedings, which are typically challenging and rarely straightforward.

Although these proceedings share important similarities with traditional litigation, they’re governed by a set of unique rules and complex procedures that require the attendance of a skilled and knowledgeable trial team. Whether you’re a creditor, trustee, or debtor, we’ll guide you through these proceedings, and work closely with your bankruptcy counsel to ensure you receive exceptional service.

At their core, adversary proceedings are robust mini-trials. And, at the core of your case, you’ll have a team of experienced trial lawyers who will give you the competitive edge you deserve to protect your business and your interests. Our attorneys will help you compile the information you need to file a bankruptcy case, including:

  • A list of all creditors as well as the amount and nature of their claims.
  • The debtor’s source of income, amount of income, and frequency of deposits.
  • A compilation of all of the debtor’s property or capital.
  • A list of the debtor’s living expenses by month, including, food, clothing, rent or mortgage and utilities, transportation, and medicine.

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