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H1 Law Group provides exceptional opportunities for skilled litigation and trial attorneys, legal professionals and litigation support team members.

Our law firm is:

  • young
  • innovative
  • rapidly growing

H1 Law Group operates on a non-traditional platform, joining full-time legal professionals with part-time, flexible hour attorneys, litigation specialists, and consultants for a remarkably flexible and highly responsive litigation group that provides services commensurate with the quality provided in Big Law and boutique-litigation specialty firms.

Each of our attorneys, litigation specialists, and consultants have been chosen based on prior success at large national and regional commercial law firms and have specialized skill sets permitting them to contribute in unique ways to the complex and diverse litigation matters handled by the firm. Our lawyers and team members are each encouraged to focus on their strengths while being given the opportunity to develop new skills and expand existing ones. Our flexible structure and breadth of talent allow each team member to do what they enjoy most while leveraging their strengths to the benefit of our clients, the team, and their own personal and professional growth.

The firm employs both full-time and part-time/flexible-hour team members; seeking to allow each employee to work and contribute in a manner consistent with their desires, personal and professional needs, and schedules.

suit up | H1 Law GroupH1 Law Group’s ideal team members are attorneys and legal professionals that have succeeded in the high-stress, high-hours litigation model favored by Big Law and its boutique-litigation spin-offs, or similar legal environments, but who are looking to change paths to a sustainable, life-balanced legal model that provides the opportunity to engage in the highest level of practice will having support and encouragement to develop and maintain interests beyond the firm.

The firm provides competitive compensation and benefits, flexibility, mobility, and an exceptional opportunity for sustained work-life balance to the right candidates.

Our Skilled Attorneys


H1 Law Group is a sophisticated litigation firm with a strong dedication to client advocacy and cost efficiency. Our attorneys are known for delivering outstanding service and commitment to our clients. We are regularly called upon to handle our clients’ most difficult and challenging litigation issues.

Las Vegas Office

Eric Hone


Jill Garcia


Elias George


Leslie Godfrey


Joel Schwarz


Lisa Stewart

Litigation Support Manager

Jamie Zimmerman


Salt Lake City Office

Shalise Zobell


Joshua Slade


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