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In today’s world, running a business is a full-time job that not only requires attention to detail, hard work and dedication, and business savvy, but also demands that a business owner is accepting of the idea that litigation with the help of a Boulder business attorney may be necessary at some point in the business’s life. Indeed, litigation is a standard part of a business’s operations today, as business face conflicts with other companies, internal issues and allegations, customer complaints and suits, and various other problems.

As a business owner or operations manager, you know the work that has gone into bringing your business to the point that it is today. Protect your business and your future by hiring an experienced Boulder business litigation attorney from the law firm of the H1 Law Group. Our talented business lawyers in Boulder have litigation experience and know how to protect your business’s best interests.

Our Boulder Business Practice Areas

We focus on helping businesses mitigate, navigate, and resolve disputes with other parties, including other businesses and entities, customers and clients, and internal disputes amongst employees. Our Boulder business practice areas include:

  • Partnership disputes;
  • Breach of contract claims;
  • Employee discrimination claims;
  • Business torts;
  • Violations of nondisclosure clauses and other contracts;
  • Real estate litigation;
  • Trademark infringements;
  • Franchise disputes;
  • Defective product litigation; and
  • More.

If your business finds itself in hot water legally, our skilled Boulder business lawyers can help.

In addition to representing businesses after an issue or dispute has arisen, we are also committed to helping businesses like yours comply with the law and avoid any violations. As such, we offer counsel, defense, and advice when your business is dealing with agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and more.

Our Boulder Business Attorneys Offer The Legal Protections You Need

Trying to run a business without a skilled business lawyer on your side is a foolish and short-sighted endeavor; eventually, your business will encounter an issue that requires the counsel of a knowledgeable lawyer to navigate. A Boulder business attorney from our law firm can serve as general counsel for your company, overseeing everything from business licensing and formation. We help businesses create legal contracts and agreements between vendors and employees and will represent you in the courtroom should your business be sued or wish to pursue litigation.

Businesses have a lot on the line, from lost profits and employees to a damaged reputation and more. When you work with a skilled lawyer, you take steps toward protecting your business and your future.

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The Boulder business lawyers from the office of the H1 Law Group have decades of combined legal experience. We have received recognition from Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell and believe in advocating aggressively for our clients while prioritizing efficiency. To schedule a consultation with a Boulder business lawyer today, please call us directly or send us a message telling us more about your business and your legal needs.

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