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  • Commercial Litigation

    Handling business disputes effectively requires more than just aggressive advocacy. It requires an advocate who understands the complete picture, including the impact on your business and priorities. Together, we will create a custom strategy that balances the costs, benefits and risks of litigation to achieve your goals.

    We represent publicly held companies, privately held entities and individuals in complex commercial litigation matters ranging from breach of contract claims to business torts, fraud, unfair competition and breach of fiduciary duty claims.

  • Individual Representation

    Let us put our expertise to work for you

    Do not face the dire financial repercussions of serious personal injury alone.
    If you’ve been the victim of someone else’s negligence or misconduct, it’s imperative that you seek representation from an experienced advocate

    We know that we can never replace your deceased loved one. But we have compassion for your loss and will zealously advocate for your rights in their honor

    We all have guaranteed individual freedoms under the law. If your individual rights have been violated, allow us to stand up for you and get the justice you deserve

  • Services for Attorneys

    We proudly provide high-quality legal services to other attorneys and their clients

    We gladly accept civil litigation referrals for personal injury and business litigation

    We assist other lawyers in preparing and trying complex cases that benefit from our level of courtroom experience and expertise

    We exercise the utmost discretion in representing our peers in their personal cases, whether business, law or injury related

Premier Representation
and Quality Legal Services

Do not put your future or your business in the hands of just anyone

We know litigation is stressful.  At H1 Law Group, we are regularly called upon to handle our clients' most difficult and challenging litigation issues. Our mission is to create a low stress, client focused, results oriented experience during what can be a trying time.

Whether you are embroiled in a business dispute or have been personally injured, you deserve top-notch legal representation. That's what we do. We partner with you to custom tailor aggressive strategies, creative approaches, and effective methods to achieve the results you deserve. 

The success rate of our attorneys at trial and in arbitration is exceptional.  The fact is the overwhelming majority of litigation is resolved either through motion practice and/or settlement.

Our litigation strategies, trial preparation and confidence helps us file sharper motions and obtain more favorable settlements and court results on behalf of our clients.

Not only are we dedicated to client advocacy, we are also strongly committed to cost efficiency. In addition to the traditional billable hour pricing model, we offer flexible pricing options with blended and contingency rates. We care about what works best for you.

Our team consistently surpasses client expectations. Contact us today for a consultation.

A Modern and Efficient Approach

Our unique organizational model allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality legal product to our clients at an exceptional value.

What sets us apart:
• Technology driven, low overhead model
• Flexibility in our fee structures
• Commitment to responsive, personalized service
• Services tailored to each client's specific needs
• Creative strategies to achieve optimal results

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Don't let the price of paying for an attorney stress you out and prevent you from contacting an attorney. We are very flexible with our pricing and offer many different options. Let us provide you peace of mind and contact us today.